Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in their life.  They need love and nurturing to develop a sense of trust and security that turns into confidence as they grow.

Fee Structure

It is our policy that all families pay an enrolment fee and their fees one week in advance at all times by Thursday (this includes current week plus one). The parent must then continue to pay the weekly fee in advance in order to maintain a credit balance equivalent to one week of fees.

All payments must be made via EZIDebit and all families must complete an EZIDebit application form upon enrolment. On consultation with management, CENTREPAY and BPAY may be available however, requests are carefully assessed and not guaranteed to be approved. Our service has a no cash policy.

If you are planning holidays, a holiday application form is available from the office. This form must be filled out two weeks prior to the holiday absence to receive half price fees for up to four weeks per financial year.

All children’s booked days, including public holidays and absent days, must be paid to retain your booking. Late fees are charged if children remain in the centre after closing times.

Two weeks’ notice is required if you wish to cancel a booking. Failure to do so will require parents to pay two weeks full fees. All accounts must be finalised by this time as any outstanding accounts will be forwarded to debt collection agencies.

Am I entitled to Government Assistance?

Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment made by the Commonwealth Government to help families with the cost of quality child care.A family’s eligibility is subject to an income test, which is administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Most families are also entitled to 50% Child Care Rebate (CCR), which can be paid directly to the centre, further reducing your fees. Please check if you are entitled to this rebate with the DHS.

It is the responsibility of the parent to register for Child care Benefit. Information and forms can be accessed from the DHS Office (through Centrelink) or families can call direct on 136 150.

With the introduction of the Government’s Child Care Management System (CCMS), families will receive a CCB fee reduction only if they have registered with Centrelink, are eligible for CCB, have a formal enrolment at the centre and the centre has received confirmation from the Government pertaining to the percentage of CCB they are eligible for.  If parents are not eligible for CCB, full fees must be paid.

Signing in and out of the centre

Each child must be signed in and out of the centre every day they attend. This is a legal requirement that we must follow. These records are used in case of emergencies and for the calculation of the Child Care Benefit (CCB). If a child is away, ill or on holidays the corresponding days must be signed by parents/guardians.

On arrival at the centre you are asked to do the following:

  • Document the time, sign and print your name
  • Present your child to the educator in charge
  • Place your child’s belongings in the cubbyholes

Before you leave the centre you are asked to do the following:

  • Come into the room and greet your child
  • Collect child’s belongings
  • With your child, say goodbye to the educator in charge of the group
  • Document the time, sign and print your name

No child will be released into the care of any persons not known to team members. f team members do not know the person by appearance, the person must be able to produce some form of photo identification to prove that they are the person authorised to collect the child on the enrolment form.

In the event that a child has not been collected   15 minutes after closing time then the parents/ guardians will be contacted on the emergency telephone numbers provided.

If the child has still not been collected 30 minutes after closing time then staff will follow the Department of Communities Abandoned Child Procedures including contacting the Child Protection and Crisis Centre 24 hour service.

Additional fees will be charged for a child that remains in the centre after the centre closing time.

In the case that your child is absent we request that you phone the centre if your child is unable to attend their session for any reason. Notice is also required in the incidence of infectious or contagious diseases in the family.

Families receiving Child Care Benefit are allocated 42 absent days for each child per financial year.  These absences can be taken for any reason including Public Holidays. Once the child has reached 42 absent days, CCB is not paid for any further absences, unless listed as part of our absence policy.