The Cubby Educational Centre has a strong commitment to provide a progressive and consistently high quality child care service where the needs of both the children and the families are met. As dedicated Early Childhood Professionals, we have embraced the vision ‘for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life’.

As part of our teaching philosophy, we adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework, as well as national curriculum documentation ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’. This forms the basis for all programming and planning practices, allowing educators to promote and assess children’s learning and wellbeing.We recognise every child’s right to education and their potential to participate to their own learning and development. Our teaching decisions are therefore determined by children’s emerging needs and interests. We believe that if children are able to participate in their learning, mutual trust and respect will be fostered.

We recognise that what one child gains from their early experiences will differ from every other child. We consider a range of outcomes for each learning experience in order to meet the differing needs and interests of all children under our care. We believe that children’s health and safety play an important role in children’s development. When an environment is suitable, it promotes inclusion, competence, independent exploration and learning. We also believe that physical activity and nutrition are vital in overall wellbeing, with this embedded into the daily practice within our service. We recognise that all interactions between staff and children contribute to overall development and wellbeing. We recognise our professional responsibility to educate each child through warm and meaningful interactions. Interactions must promote self-esteem and self-expression, offer positive guidance and support, and acknowledge the individual needs of the child and their family.

We recognise families as the most influential teachers a child will have. Therefore, we work in partnership to develop quality learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities. We recognise the unique contribution of every child and family and strive to promote a mutually beneficial partnership with all families and the wider community, integrating culturally diverse backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes. We strive for cultural competence, that is, to understand, respect, and interact with people across cultures (Framework p.16), in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We believe that in doing so, we can build and engage in relationships that will create positive change in early years learning.We welcome the diversity of all children as learners, including those with additional needs, to ensure that they have equal opportunity to achieve their potential. We value your family’s input into the centre’s program and policy decisions, as positive relationships between staff and families creates a more and engaging environment for all.

Our educators are trained professionals who contribute their own abilities and interests to the program and centre environment. We recognise that to improve our services, we must reflect upon our past and current practices. We endeavour towards a continuous improvement approach, involving management, educators, families and children to engage in our successes, and in developing goals for the future. We encourage all staff to continually seek professional knowledge that will support and guide their teaching decisions.