To provide a Family orientated Service, providing care and early education that is a positive experience to  families, and which is designed to promote individual children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Broad Goals

For Children to:

  • develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills
  • develop skills at appropriate ages and stages
  • participate in learning experiences
  • develop knowledge of different cultures, differences between individuals and show acceptance of the differences
  • develop self-confidence and self- esteem
  • increase language skills
  • practice principles of hygiene
  • become increasingly independent
  • have an optimal environment to learn
  • have a program that is responsive to their needs and interests

Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are to provide a program and service that is based on the needs of the families and children as well as the staff.

For the Child:

  • An environment which meets nutrition, health and safety requirements.
  • An environment which supports and strengthens family ties, and which reflects the socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic background of its users.
  • An environment which accounts for the additional needs of children.
  • An environment which fosters a deep sense of security, basic trust and acceptance of themselves and others.
  • Adults who respect them as individuals, and foster their unique abilities (physical, intellectual, social and emotional), background and ethnic identities.
  • An environment which helps them make sense of everyday experiences and feelings and where adults understand development and support their efforts to regulate their own behaviour.
  • Adults who respond positively and who encourage autonomy, initiative and independence, responsibility, co-operation and self-control, choice, etc….
  • Adults, who respect, trust and promote positive communication with children.
  • A program that is consistent yet flexible to reflect children’s interest and encompassing gender equality.

For the Families:

  • Offer a safe environment that is accessible to all.
  • Supports them in providing an environment which promotes the overall developmental needs of their children.
  • Is flexible and response to diverse and changing needs.
  • Accommodates differences in age of children.
  • Respects and responds to the needs, values and cultural diversity of the parents.
  • To have an active exchange of information between parents and staff on a daily basis which will be treated with appropriate discretion.
  • To offer support and referrals when needed.
  • To have the opportunity to contribute ideas, skills and resources.

For the Staff:

When implementing a program it is also necessary to meet the needs of the staff members:

Our goal as a team is to facilitate an open and effective working relationship whereby the educators are supportive and respectful of one another’s needs.

Within this broad goal, we have a number of specific Objectives for staff:

  • For staff to share ideas and resources with one another.
  • For staff to feel comfortable in providing positive and constructive criticism.
  • For staff to be approachable and respect confidentiality
  • For staff to respect, trust and promote positive communication between one another.
  • For staff to have the opportunity for regular learning and training both internally and externally.
  • For staff to encourage and nurture the children’s awareness, tolerance and acceptance of other cultures.
  • For staff to respect varying parental styles, being non-judgemental of individual family beliefs and values.
  • For staff to ensure parents are well informed about the program and their child’s day.
  • For staff to facilitate interactions which provide opportunities for each child’s individual development.
  • For staff to foster a positive approach in guiding the behaviour of children.