Kidz-Cubby-Outdoor-DSC_8233Our centres provide a variety of interactive learning environments, that include:

  • Real grass, vegetable gardens, composting, pet chickens, pet goats and Pet Guinea Pigs
  • Large spaces to accommodate all the children, providing them with free and comfortable movement
  • Living plants
  • Natural and real-life materials and activities
  • Variety in texture and colour of furnishings
  • Access to a unique program developed by our service leaders that allow children to explore off site in the bush weekly. (WilderKidz)

Family Involvement

At The Cubby Educational Centres we have an Open Door Policy.  Our centre is open at all times for families to drop in.  You don’t need to call and tell us you are coming, you are welcome at any time.  We’d love for you to come in and join in our programs – your participation is valued.

Families can be involved in numerous ways. Staff members are happy to explain to you why activities are done, and helping staff for a few minutes or a few hours is appreciated. If you have any skills that could assist our programs, and would like to offer these, this would be appreciated. Parents can also become involved through meetings and information nights.

The centre conducts an annual parent information night, bimonthly Parent Support Evenings and regular information nights, where parent suggested discussions take place.  Informal discussion with staff is encouraged daily. Any degree of parental involvement can benefit all involved including families, the centre, the program and the community.