side_panel_noodlesAt the beginning of 2015, we began providing meals for all children attending our centres. This food is supplied by Kids Gourmet Food, as after much searching, we have found that they provide the best quality food, and the kids love it!

Kids Gourmet Food was established in Sydney in 2002 and commencing in Melbourne 2012. Kids Gourmet Food is a premier catering company exclusively devoted to childcare catering. All food is prepared daily by qualified chefs, adhering to the strict requirements of the “Nutrition Checklist for the Long Day Care Menu Planning” that must be met under DoCS childcare regulations. All menus and food preparation is supervised by the Head Chef who has over 20 years experience in food handling and preparation.

The daily menus consist of fresh quality produce and are both healthy and delicious. Menus offer fun, creative and nutritious meals catering for babies through to children 5 years old. In addition we can provide Vegetarian and Halal meals if appropriate.

side_panel_muffinsThe food is freshly cooked, not frozen, using premium quality fresh ingredients. Once cooked, the food is immediately chilled using blast chilling technology and stored ready for delivery early the next morning in one of our refrigerated vans to your centre.

With regard to children with allergies and food intolerances, we provide a menu that is tailor made to suit individual food restrictions. You may be asked by your centre to complete an Allergy Notification Checklist for your child and this information is provided to us. We study your child’s needs and will provide your centre with an individually packed meal your child can safely eat and enjoy. All food is prepared and packed in our kitchen which is a nut free environment.

The menus are regularly rotated to provide variety and are appropriate to the varied ages of children. All menus include a large selection of fresh fruit with morning and afternoon tea as well as steamed vegetables with a hot lunch.

All of our weekly menus are prominently displayed in your centre. In addition, we provide a folder to your centre which has a ‘Daily Comprehensive Listing’ of all ingredients used in our menus. We encourage you to ask your centre’s director about our menu if you have any comments.

Kids Gourmet Food offers the following features:

  • Nut free – no nut products of any kind.
  • Egg free (with a few vegetarian alternative exceptions).
  • Pork free.
  • The menus have varied food styles and multicultural influences.
  • No artificial starches or thickeners.
  • NSW State Government recognized Gold Licence Caterer with The Restaurant & Catering Association of NSW.
  • Kids Gourmet Food complies with the requirements of the Food Standards Code in addition to being a registered food business with the NSW Food Authority.
  • KGF undergoes rigorous Food Safety Assessment every 3 months by an independent food safety consultant, Stephen Davidson of Food Safety Management Solutions.

FoodPyramidThe Food Pyramid shown is a simple tool to demonstrate the consideration that is given to menu preparation in conjunction with the “Nutrition Checklist for the Long Day Care Menu Planning”. All children must eat a certain amount of carbohydrate (pasta, bread etc), lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy per day. Our morning and afternoon tea items are made with a high percentage of wholemeal flour and grains and are heavily fruit based. There is a very minimal amount, if any, of sugar or salt added to our menu items.

The ‘Nutrition Checklist for Long Day Care Menu Planning’ recommends the minimum required to meet the nutritional needs of children in care when one main meal and two snacks are provided. KGF use this checklist to plan each two week cycle of our menu.

Main Meals

  • Beef/Lamb – to be on the menu at least 4 times per fortnight.
  • Chicken/Fish/Veal – to be on the menu at least 3 times per fortnight.
  • Vegetarian – to be on the menu at least 2 times per fortnight. (Vegetarian meals are based on cheese, tofu or legumes. A fruit or vegetable high in vitamin C is served with the vegetarian meal. (Fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C include citrus fruit, capsicum, rockmelon, tomato, cauliflower, broccoli).
  • Iron containing foods – on each day that a white meat or vegetarian meal is served at least one other iron containing food is included on the menu. (Other iron containing foods include wholemeal bread or dried fruit).

side_panel_snacksVegetables and Fruit The Menu includes at least 2 child size serves of vegetables daily and one child size serve of fruit daily. A variety of vegetables and fruit throughout the menu is important.

Dairy Foods Our menu includes 1 child size serve of dairy foods per day. The balance of their needs is provided by the centre and it is recommended that milk is offered at both morning and afternoon tea.

Breads, Cereals, Rice and Pasta

  • The menu includes at least 2 child size serves of bread, cereal, rice or pasta foods per day.
  • High fibre varieties (eg multigrain, wholemeal, white high fibre) are included at least 4 times per fortnight. Breads include pita, lavash, fruit bread, scones.


  • Snacks are planned on the menu as part of the total days’ intake. At each snack time a bread/cereal based food appears on the menu.
  • Vegetable or fruit is included if necessary to meet the recommended daily number of serves.