Kidz-Cubby-Grasshoppers-DSC_8279Due to the growing interest and large volume of children within this age group, to continue provide quality care, January 2015, a second Toddlers room opens. This aims to cater for our children’s needs and allow smaller children to educator ratio for greater interaction opportunities for children and educators. Children will move into this room when they are approximately 15months until they are 2years old. In this room we accelerate the learning programs to cater for the huge array of learning and development children explore in this age group. Children learn Kidz-Cubby-Outdoor-DSC_8401and develop at varying stages to other children during this age group, this room facilitates exploration and learning to foster and stimulate for each child at their different stages. This room has access to the outside backyard which is available for utilisation throughout each day according to our sun safe policy.